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Did You Work for Change this Summer?

August 21, 2009

It’s the end of summer in Washington–hot, muggy, and quiet. The FCNL office will be closed next week, and many people have already left for vacation. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has been up to when we’re back together. (My adventures are mostly going to be close to home–but I think we will manage a family day trip to the beach.)

I’ve also been interested to find out what people outside the Washington political hothouse have been doing. In FCNL’s e-newsletter this week, we asked how you have been working for change this summer. Reading the responses, especially the comments,  has left me humbled, inspired, and reminded of all the ways that people take our lobbying suggestions and make them their own, doing what they can as they can.

Here’s a selection of what you wrote in.

Have you taken a flower to your members of Congress this August to talk about health care reform?

Not really a real flower, but the flower of listening. I am a pre-med student and went with a college friend who is a high-risk maternal fetal health dr. We LISTENED to the aide for 20 mins then shared our views for about 10 mins. I could feel some real conversation & dialogue happening on how to cut and contain health care costs.

Took a written statement and dahlias from my plants, pleasantly received.

He’s probably allergic to anything good!

I will take flowers to [my representative] tomorrow when he is talking at a health care meeting… This was a great idea.

Edit: I was just checking out FCNL’s intern blog and saw that Stephen posted some responses to FCNL’s request to take flowers to members of Congress as well.

Are you planning to host a potluck on immigration this summer?

Immigration confuses me. My problem is population pressure on the environment, not where people come from or immigration itself…. [T]he world has limits on how much water and land exist-and a lot of that is needed for wildlife. So I am simply afraid to talk about immigration, since people could think I am anti-immigrant, when my worries are beyond that.

I have written numerous letters to my Congressman and both Senators to no avail, written letters to the editor, signed numerous petition and contributed money numerous times which due to being elderly, in poor health, badly disabled (military years ago) and an inability to use a telephone is about all I can do, actions I persue seven days a week.

In this depression people mistakenly still call a recession, I can barely feed myself!

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