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Indecent — Not Moral, Not necessary, Not responsible

December 12, 2009

War is not the answer in Afghanistan.  More troops won’t bring more peace to Afghanistan.  The U.S. war in Afganistan was not moral and not necessary when President Bush started it in 2001, and President Obama can’t make it moral and necessary now.  Afghanistan was President Bush’s war of choice, and now it is President Obama’s war of choice. 

Obama’s decision to continue fighting the war in Afghanistan is irresponsible.  Others will pay with their lives for his mistake.  He puts the lives of innocent civilians and of U.S. miltary personnel at risk for bad reasons.

“Oh, that’s just the rant of a peace movement guy,” you say.  Ok, if you want people with military credentials, then check out the article, “Obama’s Indecent Interval,” by

Thomas H. Johnson, research professor of the Department in National Security Affairs and director of the Program for Culture and Conflict Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, and

M. Chris Mason, a retired Foreign Service officer who served in 2005 as political officer for the provincial reconstruction team in Paktika, who is senior fellow at the Program for Culture and Conflict Studies and at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies in Washington.

My friend John McAuliff, who is an expert on Vietnam, brought that article to my attention.  John said, “Other than an underestimate of the wartime support for the National Liberation Front in South Vietnam, this is a devastating analysis of the Vietnam-Afghanistan parallel from inside the world view of the military….No one ever explains why the Taliban has done so well despite all that has been thrown against it, other than to say that it was not enough.”

Johnson and Mason are worth a read. Then go to work on your members of Congress. Tell them to oppose Obama’s escalation of the war and to stop funding it.

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