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3Ds Gets Worst in Aid Grand Prize

March 19, 2010

Finally!  Someone who agrees with us.  For months we’ve been pulling our hair out over how many policymakers and even NGO colleagues have bought into the popular “3D” approach to U.S. foreign policy.  In case you have more of a life than listening to foreign policy pundits, the 3D approach advocates better integrating “diplomacy, development, and defense”  – and the increasing militarization of U.S. foreign policy is the disturbing result of this new fad in Washington.  Or at least that’s been FCNL’s analysis since this trend took off a year or two ago.

When you start with such a massively imbalanced foreign policy toolbox (2 million military personnel vs. 25,000 State Department staff; funding ratios of 350:1), further integration only leads to further militarization.  We’ve raised our concerns with colleagues, we’ve raised our concerns with Hill staffers, we’ve raised our concerns with constituents.  And we’ve had a hard time convincing a lot of them that the 3Ds, despite being catchy, are leading us down a dangerous path.

But finally, thank you William Easterly and Laura Freschi of New York University’s Development Research Institute for awarding the Worst in Aid Grand Prize to (drum roll please)….yep, you got it… the 3D approach!

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  1. S.Cecilia Ann Miller permalink
    April 10, 2010 7:30 pm

    EVERYONE MUST SAVE water, in every way posible. Maybe we need to have contests to share ways to do this. Creativity NOW will be well rewarded.

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