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This is a good kind of parking problem.

May 6, 2010

Bikes are great. Most of us here in the FCNL office would agree with that. Some of the staffers at the Hart Senate office building agree, too. In fact, so many of us agree that we’ve run out of bike parking, as the photo above demonstrates. We had to  implement a permit system to make sure that staff have a safe and convenient place to lock our bikes:

Luckily there’s more bike parking out front for guests:

Bike parking is one of the elements that makes our office a LEED certified green building. As a daily bike commuter* I am glad to have an employer who’s willing to accommodate alternative modes of transportation. If we didn’t have more important things to be contacting the Senate about, I’d say we should urge them to install some bike racks.

* Every day but one this year, straight through the winter! (He said, immodestly.)

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