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How the military spends

September 14, 2010

Above is an image of a wall chart used by the Pentagon’s Defense Acquisitions University. This is the simple version of how the Pentagon purchases new equipment. Be it a new computer system or an aircraft carrier. There is a special college set up to train 180,000 a year on this process.

The military acquisition process is a high stakes game for both the Pentagon and all of the companies that supply the military. The time, resources, and money that plays into this system is enormous.

I am posting this chart this morning to point out where FCNL and you the constituent lobbyist come into play. Look at the bottom right hand corner, you may want to click on the image to get a larger version. The tiny blue box labelled Congressional Budget Process.  This is where FCNL and the greater peace community try to make our case against military spending.

Congress is the linchpin to the entire system. They can cut, add, and direct funds. As we have witnessed with the F-35’s backup engine debate in Congress. Congress can force the Pentagon to pay for the development of a second jet engine that they don’t want and don’t need. This has cost the people of the United States 465 million dollars.

The process of military spending may seem daunting and unfathomable. Few people will ever understand how it works entirely. Luckily, we just need to focus on the little blue box.

Via Danger Room

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  1. Jeanne DeFlorio permalink
    September 15, 2010 4:52 am

    Unfortunately most people do not stop to think about the deficit and the wasted military spending. Most unfortunate!

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