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The Times They are a-changin’: Military Times

September 28, 2010

Maybe the “Military Times” newspaper isn’t your father’s “Military Times” anymore.

When I was in the army, 1967-69, I read the “Army Times,” a newspaper for soldiers written by soldiers who were accountable to the command.  I suspect that the staff writers of the “Army Times” in the 1960s were a mix of those who tried to write the truth and those who did whatever they had to do to get along.  I don’t recall reading it and ever being surprised.

Yesterday, the “Military Times,” surprised me.  The “Military Times” newspaper (with online copy), a source of information about all things in the U.S. military, published an interesting report by staff writer Andrew Tilghman on opinion polling of military officers, “Survey: Officers favor ‘soft power.'”

A majority of military officers — especially the mid-career officers in the O-4 and O-5 paygrades — support giving more money and strategic emphasis to nonmilitary initiatives such as diplomacy and economic development in order to advance U.S. security interests, according to a recent poll.

Apparently, FCNL’s proposals for the Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict now have currency among a significant segment of active duty U.S. military officers.

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