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$795 an hour to lobby?! No Way!

October 6, 2010

Did you see the headline, “American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist to Push Interests in Congress”?  The lobbyist, Jack Weldon, is charging us $795 an hour!  No Way!

Actually, it isn’t true.  It is a headline out of “The Onion,” a fake newspaper.  On the other hand, this fake news story may not misrepresent the state of the peoples’ representation in Congress these days.  Is our government in the public interest and of the people, by the people, and for the people, or is it too much of, by, and for special interests that have the money to buy high-powered lobbyists?

The American People don’t have to resort to the so-called “High-Powered” lobbyists at $795/hour to get the attention of Congress.  FCNL and a range of  other public interest lobbies are effective and have a record of successes. We’re just “under capitalized.”  Think what we could do, if FCNL got paid $795/hour for its work on behalf of the public interest!

Believe me, we don’t get paid anything like that, but, believe me, every gift of $795 would help to sustain our work.  So, please tell that fictitious Jack Weldon to take a hike, and tell FCNL that you want to strengthen its work with a new contribution.  We will take  your concerns to Congress with Friendly persuasion.  Thank you! — JV

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