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The Accidental Good of Bicycles

October 13, 2010

FCNL's off street parking is happily full these days

There is something uniquely gratifying in honoring routine labors and practices, be they born from places of conscience or from simple, unassailable needs to arrive at the office on time. For me, the joy here stems from acknowledging the inferred value of living: it is great to do good by accident.

FCNL has been committed to bicycle infrastructure for a long time, much longer than I have personally. I’m not sure where the story begins exactly, but I do know that executive secretary Joe Volk has been a key player, having overseen the installation of off-street employee bike parking, public parking, and a staff shower room during our renovation in 2005. Joe, an avid cyclist himself, appears to take both a principled and practical view of these services, an attitude that has osmosed into my and coworker Colin Browne’s more recent bicycle projects around the office. By seeking to expand our bike parking capacity, we are at once pushing the ethics of a human-energy commute and recognizing that, with more employees biking these days, we just need more space. By investing in tools, patch kits and pumps, we tout our vision for an involved bike community… and I get to use a torque wrench, which I need occasionally and don’t have at home. It really is easier to get things done when individual needs are met and broad reaching human ideals are addressed in the same motion.

Recently, FCNL’s routine labors and practices were honored by the League of American Bicyclists, who last month awarded us with their Bike Friendly Business bronze designation. This is perfect, as it allows for modest congratulations but mostly calls us back to the task of literally augmenting our friendliness, a pursuit that falls right into our nomenclature. Incorporating bicycles (and any other muscle-derived fuel sources) into the daily tickings of an organization is something I am proud to participate in. It’s work that is building nationally for a lot of good reasons, and FCNL has every reason to be a part of it. Now if I could only get this chain grease off my pants…

  1. Inez permalink
    October 14, 2010 3:37 pm

    As a former FCNL intern, I really miss having a shower at work. I still bike to work, but work is now 40 minutes away instead of 20, and starts off with a big ole hill. There are some things I took for granted at FCNL, and the convenience of a shower in the basement was definitely one of them. Kudos, FCNL.

  2. Matt Southworth permalink
    December 1, 2010 4:14 pm

    Write another blog Will!!

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