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FCNL at Delaware’s Pacem in Terris Annual Dinner

November 8, 2010

Several months ago, Delaware’s Pacem in Terris honored me with an invitation to address their Annual Dinner gathering the evening of October 21.  I immediately accepted the invitation, which came from Sally Milbury-Steen, who has served as executive director of Pacem in Terris for the past 25 years.

Pacem in Terris is a non-profit organization that strives to facilitate the active participation of people and organizations on the Delmarva Peninsula, especially the religious community, on the issues and projects relevant to the quest for peace and justice throughout the world.  Founded in Wilmington in 1967, Delaware Pacem in Terris’s programs can be grouped under the following headings:  1. International Peace and Reconciliation, 2. Peace in Our Communities and at Home, 3. Restorative justice

Sally and her organization had a remarkable turn out for a Thursday evening event — a proverbial packed house.  My talk was titled “From Vietnam to Afghanistan: War Was Not the Answer. What Is?” At FCNL, we work to raise up the fact — much ignored on Capitol Hill  — that peace is possible through peaceful means. You can find information about FCNL’s peaceful prevention of deadly conflict program on our webpage.

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