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November 23, 2010

I like to think that it doesn’t take the month of November to be thankful. My family tries, at least. On those rare moments when all four of us are sitting at the dinner table together, we have our “moment” to be grateful for our time together and for our meal.  Even when everything isn’t going exactly as we planned, we still have many sunny sides to look at.

Still, as Thanksgiving approaches there is definitely a greater emphasis on thankfulness in our house, if only because of the school discussions that focus on turkeys, cornucopia (cornucopii??), and thank you cards. My favorite moment so far is my daughter’s statement last week that she is thankful “for my friends and for my umbrella.”

At FCNL, too, there’s something about this season that encourages thankfulness. Part of it is the seasonal cycle of working for a non-profit and seeing the incredible generosity of our donors, many of whom make their largest contributions in November and December, and hearing from them how much the work FCNL does means to them. Part of it is the chance to take stock at the end of a session of Congress and see what all of you who lobby with us have helped us accomplish.  And part of it is the warm feelings that I always take out of FCNL’s Annual Meeting, when I can surface from the day-to-day details of working for FCNL and remember the common goals that bring together everyone in the FCNL family.

When people ask how to approach their members of Congress, we tell them to start by thanking them–for a vote they’ve taken, for something they’ve done for the state or district, for a bill they’ve supported. It’s good advice in building a relationship with anyone that I don’t follow nearly enough. So I wanted to take this moment to step back into that bigger perspective and say thank you to all of you who support FCNL and the work we do, by donating money, by lobbying, by telling others why you work with FCNL and how they can get involved too, and by sharing your suggestions and ideas for how we can do better. A joyous Thanksgiving, and thanks-giving, to you and your families!

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