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“Is there any Hope?” You are the answer.

November 24, 2010

I’m retiring February 28th.  You can read my “swan song” to FCNL’s 67th Annual Meeting gathering, “Hope is Not a Noun, and People are Not the Problem,” or listen to it from FCNL’s annual meeting report on our webpage (just scoll down until you find the link to the audio file).

In my talk, I make the point that hope is not something one has but, rather, something one does out in the world.  I also make the point that FCNL’s work out in the world is a practice of hope that depends on your making gifts to FCNL to sustain its work for peace, justice, and a sustainable environment.

Beth and I have been major donors to FCNL for decades, not only because I work at FCNL but also because we know that FCNL works for our values and for our vision of the world we seek.

I invite you to make a generous gift to FCNL before then end of the year.

Thank you!

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