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Thanksgiving on Capitol Hill

November 25, 2010

It’s Thanksgiving Day.  We’re supposed to give thanks.  I just read an Op Ed column in today’s newspaper in which the columnist said he could find nothing for which he could b e Thankful.  Eventually he backed into a few reasons to give thanks, but he found doing that difficult.  His column prompted me to recall that I opened my FCNL Annual Meeting speech this year with a series of things for which I’m thankful, and I’m going to repeat that opening here:

Thank you, Meg Hummon, for your introduction, and thank you all gathered here for your many kindnesses to me.

Thank you, the General Committee, for your leadership and spirit-led governance of FCNL.

Thank you for your ministry of support to the members of your staff and to your volunteers.

Thank you for answering our legislative action alerts to influence Congress in timely ways.

Thank you for your invitation to new people to participate in FCNL.

Thank you for your strong financial support with your contributions, your interest free loans, and your planned gifts.

Thank you for asking others to join you as donors to FCNL.

Finally, thank you for giving me the privilege of working for FCNL as your Executive Secretary.

What could be more purposeful work than to go to Capitol Hill and try to speak the truth to our government that “War Is Not the Answer” and that “Peace Is Possible Through Peaceful Means”?! You enabled me to do that for the past 20 years. I appreciate it.

Yes, I’ve been your Executive Secretary for 20 years.  Twenty years!  And, I can tell you now that it’s been 15 wonderful years, indeed.  Thank you.

OK, now it is your turn to speak.  I’ve said “Thank You.” And now you all say back to me as a group … (You Are Welcome!)

FCNL is a group effort.  During these last two decades, you and I have been well supported by a seasoned, creative, and productive professional staff.  FCNL’s successes and growth are due to their faithful and talented service.  Thank you to that entire group of former and current staff.

Finding reasons to give thanks is not so difficult when you are part of a community like FCNL. — JV

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